Unmanned Defence, Security and Rescue Solutions
  • MX120

    Unmanned Vehicle System for defence, rescue and security organizations

    Multi sensor design, robust, modular and standardized

  • 9 different robots

    The SRS-Family is ready for operation and can work almost anywhere independent of infrastructure 24/7

  • 3 different platforms

    Powered by diesel/hydraulics, secure robustness, maximum availability, independence and easier logistics.

  • 3 different levels of flexibility

    The SRS-Family is standardized, robust and made available with first class service and support through our own 12 subsidiaries and partners worldwide.

  • Endless possibilities

    Countless attachments , standardized system integration and logistic solutions with modular design for optimal flexibility

Brokk Security and Rescue Solutions

offer a robust, standardized

Unmanned Vehicle System

with 9 different robots and a unique range of

modular options


The solutions provided by Brokk Security and Rescue Solutions have evolved over the last 44 years through millions of operating hours in the most demanding environments around the globe and have ancestors reaching back to the 1970s.

The division Security and Rescue Solutions was created 2017 to be able to condense all the knowledge and feed back from our unique market sector and translate it into new standardized solutions made available to the whole defence, security and rescue society worldwide.

BSRS has developed a family of standardized robotic systems tailored to meet the needs of our core customers.

Service and support is offered through our own 12 subsidiaries worldwide, complemented by local expert partners on markets we are not covering with our own personnel. We are your long-term partner and never far away.


Close cooperation, prestigeless dialogue based on mutual trust,

jointly striving towards optimal safety.