Standard system colours: Matte black, Matte sand, Matte olive green or Rescue red
Dimensions Storage (LxWxH): 5.7m x 2.2m x 2.7m
Weight of basic system: 11,500 kg (excluding tools, etc.)
Load from tracks: approx. TBD kg/cm2
Manipulator: 4 joint, 3 arm system for maximum reach
(5 to 8 DOF-Degree Of Freedom*)
Vertical reach: Approximately 7.5m *
Horizontal reach: Approximately 7.0m *
Lifting Capacity @ front Approximately 7,000 kg*
Lifting Capacity @ 7.0m Approximately 2,500 kg*
Slewing Speed: <10 sec/360 degrees
Speed: Approximately 3.3 km/h
Incline angle: 30 degrees
Power pack: Kubota four-cylinder, water cooled, 4-stroke, 74kW diesel engine  Kubota: Tier 3, EU Stage IIIA
Mission Time: Full tank, minimum 8 hours
Towing eyelets front and rear: For towing in both directions and strap down
Lifting:  Single sling lifting
Extra hydraulic function: To support the use of optional tools in need of extra hydraulic feed
Load Holding valves: NOT available
Turret break: NOT available
Heat and impact protection C2/C3: To further protect hydraulic couplings

Standard Sensors:

Rear left: NOT available
Turret front right: NOT available
Tool sensor: NOT available
Front/Rear sensor: NOT available
LED light and control: Request for Technical Information
Sensor coding: NOT available
Sensor night-mode: NOT available
Can-Cable: Request for Technical Information
Two way audio: NOT available

Control system

Control type:  RCM-min, Remote Control Module-min
Wireless distance (cable): LoS (Line of sight) practical 1-10m, theoretically 300m. (10m cable)
Max data rate: N/A
Modulation: N/A
Protocol: N/A
Network: N/A
Encryption: N/A
Encryption: N/A
Frequencies: Digital 430 MHz
Power Output: N/A
Antenna Gain: N/A
Transmitting Power: N/A
Optional Communication:  N/A

System OPERATOR Modules: