ONE Family – countless missions

 Precise and Intuitive control

 Most robust robotic system

 Highest power vs size ratio

 Digital Encrypted Data Link

 Real-time Remote Operations at up to 2.000 m 

 Modular multi sensor design with unmatched number of attachments for optimal flexibility

Brokk Security and Rescue Solutions (BSRS) has developed a family of standardized robotic systems tailored to the specific needs of our primary customers. The smaller systems, in the MX-Series, are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of a heavy EOD robot. However, more importantly, it is designed and can also be equipped to meet the growing demand for unmanned systems to protect officers during other dangerous missions and tasks.

Replacing humans in other dangerous situations is not only  on the priority list for defence and law enforcement, but also in areas such as Rescue and Civil Defence that are, compared to IED/EOD, in a fairly early stage of adopting Unmanned Ground Vehicles to keep officers out of harms way.

Some of the problems that previously stopped the implementation of unmanned systems in defence, security and rescue organisations, were the limitations of the available robots at the time, such as:

the environmental constrains like resistance to heat, cold, obstacles, toxics/radiation

the pure lack of power to manipulate larger objects (change the environment) and use of heavy tools

the work to be done demands new types of tools and sensors to be operated remotely

the need of a higher degree of accessibility and long term missions in remote areas


The need of a higher degree of accessibility to the system also means a more robust system with simple maintenance and designed for being in field conditions during long periods of time.


UXO Scenario 1