The MX-Series, was developed as an answer to the need for maximum flexibility, power and reliability in operations carried out remotely. Robotic systems are big investments for any organization, and when this investment can only perform a limited number of tasks it becomes problematic to justify, even when it can potentially save lives. Also having many different systems for specific tasks means a greater number of spare parts to keep in stock, and more training for both technicians and operators.


Remote, None-line-off-sight, operation

Up to 2.000 m real-time, encrypted digital data link

Modular, multi sensor design

Compatible with all tools, options and system integration

ONE family – Unified training, spare-parts and service

Maximum flexibility and safety

The MX120 can not only perform the tasks of more traditional heavy EOD robots, but organizations can also utilize the system for new jobs and missions, as well as tackling old problems in new ways.

The reliability and robustness of the system is a fairly obvious advantage that not only contributes to safer and smooth operations, but in the end gives a lower life-time cost.

It is easy to see the benefits of the machines additional power, why try to investigate an IED in a difficult place such as under a car, when you can move the car? A suspect object in a vehicle, or any other blocked space, cut the roof of the vehicle or take down the door, or even wall…

However, what we would like to stress about the MX-Series is its FLEXIBILITY. This is the result of two combined features, the unique power vs size and the digital, high power, encrypted data-link.

The additional power gives access to completely new tools and sensors, accessing new ways to tackle problems. New tools mean completely new applications for use, utilizing your investment to a much higher degree. More use also means the operators get more experience carrying out “real” tasks. A more efficient use of the operator and the investment in general.

(picture right, one example of a basic tool and integration setup to tackle multiple obstacles, threats and complete the mission in a safe and efficient way. 

The data-link contributes to the machines flexibility by adding applications to its use. From daily operations at the base, maybe even in line of sight, to highly dangerous operations demanding safety distances up to 2.000m. The data-link also contributes to  user-friendliness, relaying high quality, real time, images that are easier to interpret. The data link encryption gives obvious advantages, making it very difficult to be intercepted. The data-link also opens up options for sensor and other electrical attachments that can give operational advantages to remote operated system today and tomorrow.

All this power, flexibility and reliability comes in a very user friendly package, not only in the MX-Series but the whole SRS-Family. This is an important feature of the systems and makes the daily operation much easier, but don’t take our word for it, test a system and give us your opinion.

This is why some refer to the MX Series as the #ONE.

Data-Link and Sensors

Operator Modules